Keri Caves — Blue waters of Zakynthos Keri Lighthouse

So after many wrong turns I ended up at the caves, I’ve now got to anchor this vessel on my own. I haven’t got a scooby so I juts threw it down, my boat stayed and I shouted out to a few people if that was ok I think they understood and I think it was ok. I’ve now got to jump in and swim across to the caves, risking my life here. I jumped and somehow got across to the beachy bit. I took a rest and there was some other people there so I thought least they may have a chance of saving me if the worst happens. I hope you realise I am making a mountain out a molehill here and the worst of swimmers would be fine here.

I took some time in the caves it was so nice in there all white cliff walls all shaped to make these beautiful round white curves and arches. The way the caves shine off the clear blue waters almost makes the most crystal blue colour and you almost makes you illuminouse, if I was a better swimmer you could make a lovely picture and probably be able to swim underneath and make some amazing Go Pro footage here, I’ve made some with what I could muster up on my own. You can visit many beaches around here and hire the boat for as long as you want. I went on from here and headed to the Turtle Island, Marathonisi Beach but I’m going to write all about that in another Blog. Stay tuned for that one

Originally published at on August 14, 2021.